Support iW1 Troubleshooting

No AirPlay icon in iTunes or on my iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.

  1. Make sure that the device has already joined the AirPlay network.
  2. Before you open iTunes, make sure that you have enabled Bonjour service in your PC. Take Windows XP for example: to enable the service, you can click Start->Settings->Control Panel, and doubleclick Administrative Tools-> Services->Bonjour Service, then click Start followed by OK on the pop-up menu.
  3. Within iTunes open “Preferences”, Select the “Devices” tab, and activate the following option that says “Allow iTunes control from remote speakers.”
  4. Close and restart the music app that you are trying to stream audio content from on your iOS device.
  5. Try restarting iTunes or your iOS device.
  6. Update the firmware of iTunes or your iOS device.

NOTE: The original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch (1st gen) do not support AirPlay.