Support iW1 Troubleshooting

Problems using the iHome Connect App

Sometimes there is an authentication error with an iOS device (common to any iOS accessory) that causes the device running the iHome Connect app to be unable to detect the iW1. Often times when this happens, the user will correctly connect the iW1 with the USB sync cable, but the app will keep showing the message “Please connect your iHome AirPlay compatible device with an iPod USB sync cable.”

  1. Verify sync cable is connected to the rear USB port on the iW1 and securely connected to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)
  2. Restart iHome Connect app (takes 10 sec.)
    • Exit app
    • Double tap home button
    • Press & hold iHome connect app
    • Close app
    • Exit app manager
    • Restart iHome Connect
  3. Restart iOS device (takes 1 minute)
  4. Restart iW1 (takes 30 seconds)
    • Unplug the AC jack or remove the iW1 from the charging base
    • Slide the rear Power Switch to the OFF and then ON position
    • Reconnect AC jack, place iW1 on charging base and wait 30 seconds
    • Repeat iW1 Wi-Fi Network Setup process if necessary

NOTE: iHome Connect only works when connected with iHome AirPlay products via the USB sync cable and requires iOS 4.0 to work.