Support iW1 Troubleshooting

I want to find the iW1's MAC address.

Some network configurations may require you to know the iW1's MAC address. Follow these steps to determine your iW1's MAC address:

  1. Turn on iW1, press and hold network setup button for 4 seconds, and wait for approximated 60 seconds. From your computer, connect to the network named "iHome Setup ######"

  2. On a Mac, open the "Terminal" application. On a PC, click Start -> Run, type "cmd" and click OK .

  3. When the prompt appears, type "arp -a" and press Enter.

  4. You may get a long list of items in response. Please find the line that reads similar to "ihome-iw1-e52431.local ( at c8:d5:fe:e5:24:31 on en1 [ethernet]" where the six hexadecimal pairs (c8:d5:fe:e5:24:31 in this example) represent the MAC address for your iW1.

You can use this MAC address in your network's setup to allow the iW1 on your network.