Support iW1 Firmware Update Troubleshooting

How do I update the firmware on my iHome iW1?

Updating the firmware using a USB mass storage device

  1. Download the iHome_iW1.fw file to your computer and copy it to your USB mass storage device root folder (note: please do NOT save the file in a sub-directory on your USB mass storage device because the iW1 will not be able to locate it)
  2. Properly eject the USB mass storage device from your Mac or PC
  3. Insert the USB mass storage device into the rear USB port of the iW1 (ensure that your iW1 is powered on)
  4. Press and hold the firmware update button (labeled by a "gear") to the right of the USB port for 3 full seconds. (The firmware update button LED will turn red to note that the process is underway)
  5. Please be patient as the iW1 performs the firmware upgrade as it takes around 90 seconds to fully complete.
  6. Upon successful completion, you'll hear a positive confirmation tone from the iW1. You'll also notice that the firmware update button LED is now off.
  7. Now, power OFF your speaker by sliding the rear power switch and remove your USB drive. Then, slide the rear power switch ON and wait about 30 seconds for your iHome iW1 to fully power up.
  8. The network status LED will be blinking red after a successful firmware upgrade. This is to remind you that you'll need to reset your network settings to begin using AirPlay again. For instructions on iW1 network setup please click here to view the iW1 Quick Start Guide

(note: we recommend ensuring the format of your USB drive is set to FAT or FAT32. If your USB drive was previously used to update the FW of your iHome iW1 and you are attempting to upgrade to a newer FW, or "downgrade" to an older FW, you'll need to ensure that the previous iHome_iW1.fw file was deleted from the drive or any hidden sub-directories)

If this did not help, please proceed to contact us.

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