Support iW1 FAQ

How to connect the iW1 Speaker to the Wi-Fi Network using an iOS Device (iPod, iPhone, iPad).

NOTE: We recommend that your device have iOS 4.0 or greater for easier network set-up.

  1. Make sure the iW1 is fully charged.
  2. Unplug the AC jack and remove the iW1 from the charging base.
  3. Slide the rear Power Switch to the OFF position and then the ON position.
  4. Reconnect the AC jack and place the iW1 on its charging base. (In approx. 15 seconds the RED light will turn on (solid red) and after approx. 30/45 seconds starts to flash).
  5. Make sure your iPad, iPod, or iPhone Wi-Fi Setting is set to ON and connected to the iW1 speaker via provided USB cable.
  6. From your iOS device, open the “iHome Connect App” and select your Wi-Fi network (enter the password if necessary).
  7. Click “Join” (In approx. 2 minutes the green Network Status light should turn “solid green”). Note: Open your music iTunes app; click on the Airplay icon at the bottom right and select the iW1.